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Supporting Orphans In Afghanistan

Hayat Orphanage is supporting orphans in Afghanistan by providing them with proper education, lodging, food, clothes, medication, schoolbooks, shoes and much more. Our main focus is to provide these orphans with the best and proper education so that later on they become the breadwinner of their families, provide support and livelihood and stand on their own feet and built a hopeful and prosperous future for themselves. Who knows, one day they become the leaders of this country and serve it in the best possible manner. However, without your support this would not be possible, so make a donation now and help us fulfill their dreams.

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Hayat Orphanage supports 100+ orphans in Afghanistan. Certainly, our charity activities will be better with your donation.

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What We Do

hayat orphanage mission is to support orphans in afghanistan and provide proper education to the afghan orphan children


We enroll the orphan children in private schools for free, and helping them and their families financially.

support orphans in afghanistan. afghan boy is studying at hayat orphanage in Afghanistan who is supported with your zakat


We provide school books, pens, notebooks and any other necessary stationery to the orphan children.

hayat orphanage is providing food and support orphans in afghanistan


We help the orphan children with food, clothing, shoes, healthcare and any other necessities.

Hayat Orphanage is operating in Afghanistan for more than 8 years and we serve the orphan children in the best possible manner.

hayat orphanage is providing education facilities to the afghan orphan children in afghanistan, support orphans in afghanistan
support and sponsor an orphan in afghanistan from Hayat Orphanage

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could pay school fee for a month


could pay healthcare and food for a month


could pay all essential needs of the orphan’s family for a month