You saved Rohullah’s Life

Rohullah is a 12-years old orphan child in the Laghman province of Afghanistan. He lost his father when he was just 8 years old. His father was laboring and one day while digging a water well, a bucket full of stones fell on him and he passed away leaving behind six sons, one daughter, and a widowed wife.

Rohullah was living with his family in a small cottage that belongs to his grandfather. His brother is working with his uncle in a balloon shop and receives less than £1 a day.

Rohullah says, “I wanted to study and serve my country but after I lost my father, we had no one to financially support us. Due to our financial problems, my mother admitted me to Hayat Orphanage to continue my studies and fulfill my dreams.

Rohullah began his life in Hayat Orphanage in 2019.

You have fulfilled an orphan’s dream!

We thank you for your generous donations. Your donation helped us foster Rohullah in a peaceful environment. This allowed us to admit him to a private school and also offer him tuition in English, Computer, and Math within Hayat Orphanage. Furthermore, we can provide him with cloth, food, and shelter to save him and his likes from street abuse and harassment.

Here’s what he says, “Ever since I am admitted to Hayat Orphanage, I can now read and write in English and Pashto languages. I can fluently read Quran e Karim. I have also learned the use of computer programs such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word, and I am enjoying going to school. I am now in the third class and got the first position in my exams. It seems my dreams are being fulfilled here.”

Rohullah is working with laptop in hayat orphanage
Rohullah is studying in hayat orphanage

Sponsor an orphan like Rohullah

Hayat Orphanage is home to 100+ orphans and they need your financial help like Rohullah. There are 1.6M orphans in the country that needs shelter, food, cloth, and education. Your sponsorship can save an orphan life and can provide proper education and shelter to be saved from street abuse and sexual harassment.

Orphans Statistic in Afghanistan

Unfortunately, decades of war and insecurity in Afghanistan have displaced millions of Afghans inside and outside of the country. As a result, apart from ruins, poverty, and unemployment, around 1.6M orphan children have been left facing serious economic issues.

Donate now and help us in this noble journey.

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