Our Mission

Hayat Orphanage Mission

Afghanistan is home to a staggering 2 million orphans, children that have lost the breadwinner of the family. Currently we help 100+ orphans and due to the huge demand for our services Hayat Orphanage mission is to support 2000 children across the country. However, we provide them support in the following sectors.

  • Education

    Provide mainstream education to orphan children in Afghanistan so they can sustain themselves and their families in the long term.

  • Health

    Provide medical care, food and clothing to orphans.

  • Ethics

    Promote good ethics that supports tolerance, justice, fairness, and humanity.

  • Protection

    Protect the vulnerable orphan children from extremism and exploitation.

  • Safe Environment

    Where they can learn and grow, have security of food, healthcare, and where they are respected, listened, and their needs are met.

  • Sport

    Facilitate sport activities such as football, cricket, cycling and much more.

Support Us

Hayat Orphanage supports 100+ orphan children in Afghanistan. Our charity activities will be better with your donation.

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How We Help The Orphans in Afghanistan?

Hayat Orphanage was established in March 2013 and is located in the center of Laghman Province, that provides an oasis of hope for orphan children. However, orphans are provided with education, lodging, food, clothes, medication, schoolbooks, shoes and etc. Moreover, the main focus of Hayat Orphanage is to provide these vulnerable children a mainstream education and enable them to provide livelihood for their families when they grow up.

They are admitted to the local private school and receive tuition in math, English and computer skills as after-school programs. Additionally, they have a fun-filled schedule incorporating playing Cricket, Football, reading time and academic trips. In order to view some pictures and videos of the orphanage, please head over to the Gallery page.

Additional Activities of Hayat Orphanage

In addition to the orphanage itself, we also

  • Run local programs mainly for education of disadvantaged girls.
  • Meet local chiefs and raise awareness of female education.
  • Admit girls to schools and remove any barriers within the family and outside that prevent female education.
  • Arrange seminars on awareness of education and empowerment of women, importance of women employment in government and private sector.
  • Discouragement of discrimination against religious minorities, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Recruit UK based volunteers to teach English to the children in Afghanistan.
  • Prepare video materials  and transfer them via hard drive to Afghanistan for the children to watch.
  • Highlight women issues and fight for practices that are against the international norms such as marrying a woman to the victim’s family for the crime of a girls brother.
  • Encourage female healthcare, because in many parts of Afghanistan its considered immoral to take a female patient to a male doctor. Highlighting the points that male and female have an equal rights.
  • Discouragement of child marriage.
  • Fight domestic violence.
  • Provide necessary education to put a stop in demanding excessive dowry that eventually harms and enslaves the wife.
  • Provide laptops, English books on a wide range of topics, stationery, school clothes and much more.