Sabar Afghan Online School – Empowerment through Virtual Learning

The outlook is bleak for girls and women across Afghanistan. Under the current situation, it is not clear which, if any, rights girls and women can expect. Most distressingly, girls who have started their education found themselves pushed out of the classroom. They have not been able to continue their studies, and opportunities will remain closed off to them in the future.


Realize this: without an education, no one can count on economic or social advancement. Especially in Afghanistan, girls and women can find little hope for personal change or growth without the advantages that education would afford them. To make matters worse, there is a severe lack of female teachers and a catastrophic lack of funding for education in general.


We are, therefore, in the middle of a destructive storm. All of these forces have combined to make the situation for the Afghani people untenable. We know that we need to do something to break out of these circumstances, but until now, it has not been entirely clear what.


Other educators worldwide have exhibited the solution that this problem needs, though. Forced to teach their classes virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, they have set a viable model that Sabar Afghan Online School intends to adopt.


At Sabar Afghan Online School, boys and girls of all ages will be able to get the guidance and instruction necessary to continue to learn and stretch their minds. We will teach all of the courses from the first through the twelfth years of school, providing videos and graphics free of charge on YouTube, where anyone in Afghanistan can access them. We will also employ women teachers to show our support for gender equality and to facilitate a more equitable Afghani society in the long term.