I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. (Hadith)

Hayat Orphanage in Afghanistan

Hayat Orphanage in Afghanistan was established in March 2013 in the center of Laghman Province. Since then it is a place of hope for more than 100 orphan children. Hayat Orphanage is committed with the mission to provide the orphans with quality education services, lodging, food, clothes, medication, schoolbooks, shoes, involving them in sports and much more. In addition, particularly the main focus of Hayat Orphanage is to protect the vulnerable orphan children from abuse and provide a mainstream education that enable them to support their families when they grow up.

However, to accomplish the quality education services, the orphans are admitted to the local private schools. After school hours they receive tuition in Math, English and Computer skills. Moreover, they have a fun-filled schedule incorporating playing cricket and football, reading time and academic trips.

Future objectives of the orphans in Afghanistan

At Hayat Orphanage, we have developed good talents who are now aiming to continue their higher education studies abroad. They have high objectives that cannot be achieved in Afghanistan. They need our help and support to climb the success in their lives. Sponsor an orphan in Afghanistan and help them build their future.

Additional Activities of Hayat Orphanage in Afghanistan

On the other hand, Hayat Orphanage operates in the country as an institution in tackling some of the major issues that people are facing in the community. This includes by providing capacity building, solving health issues, standing against domestic violence, and discouraging child marriage.

  • Conducting local programs mainly for education of disadvantaged girls.
  • Meeting local chiefs and raise awareness for female education.
  • Admitting girls to schools and remove any barriers within the family and outside that prevent female education.
  • Arranging seminars on awareness of education and empowerment of women, including the importance of female employment in the government and the private sectors.
  • Discouraging discrimination against religious minorities, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Recruiting UK based volunteers to teach English to the children in Afghanistan.
  • Preparing video materials and transferring them through hard drive to Afghanistan for the children to watch and learn.
  • Highlighting women issues and fighting for the practices that are against the international norms such as marrying a woman to the victim’s family for the crime of a girls brother.
  • Encouraging female healthcare, because in many parts of Afghanistan it is considered immoral to take a female patient to a male doctor. Highlighting the points that male and female have an equal right.
  • Discouraging child marriage.
  • Standing against domestic violence.
  • Providing necessary education to put a stop in demanding excessive dowry that eventually harms and enslaves the wife.

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