Calculating Zakat has never been this simple

Zakat Calculator

You would be wondering how to calculate your Zakat and whether you are eligible to pay it. Don’t worry, our online zakat calculator has simplified the calculation process for you. The assets that you need to pay Zakat are defined separately for your better understanding and for easy calculation. Fill the fields in the zakat calculator that are relevant to you. If the value of your assets exceeds the value of “Nisab” threshold, then 2.5% of the total value will be your payable Zakat.

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Nisab Threshold

What is Nisab?

Nisab is calculated based on the value of Gold and Silver. If a person posses more than 87.48 gram of gold and 612.36 grams of silver than he/she is eligible to pay zakat. This amount is called nisab threshold. Calculate your Zakat with our simplified Zakat Calculator and make a donation so that we help the desperate orphans in Afghanistan.

nisab is based on the value of gold and silver, use our zakat calculator