Sponsor an orphan child in Afghanistan

Sponsor an orphan child in Afghanistan

Sponsor an orphan child in Afghanistan and save a life. The children in Afghanistan need your urgent attention and help. Unfortunately, decades of war in the country have led the children know nothing but violence and fear. However, it is hard to lose the closest family members and that life without the head of the family is indescribable. In addition, the collapse of the previous regime on 15th August 2021 has increased the difficulties to new levels.

According to the TRT World report, “almost 9,000+ children lived in Afghanistan orphanages, and 68 publicly and privately owned orphanages were operating in the country. But, that number fell to 3,566 children, many of them sent away, and 26 of those orphanages shut down due to the economic crisis. As a result, many orphanages are encountering the same situation after the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.”

However, it got difficult for the remaining orphanages to continue their operation in the country. They all desperately need your and the international community’s support to be active on the ground. So, nothing better can happen if one of you reading this article sponsor an orphan child in Afghanistan.

Orphanages in Afghanistan face monumental challenges but we are not giving up. We are continuing to provide education, food, accommodation and general support to orphans and their families by offering some hope to these disadvantaged children. In fact, with your support we can do much more.

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The situation of the children in Afghanistan

Children have been the victims of the war in Afghanistan for decades. The lack of primary education, clean water and sanitation, proper food, a playground, and a park that are the fundamental necessities in life, have left them behind in progress.


According to Save the Children, Afghanistan is among the 11 most dangerous nations for children. As per the War Child report for Afghanistan, “approximately 18.4 million people in Afghanistan need emergency humanitarian assistance, out of which 52% are children. Almost 3.5 million children in Afghanistan are currently out of school – 75% of whom are girls. Due to loss of family and community members, a third of children undergo psychological distress.”


Moreover, the children undergo various threats and rights violations, such as forced marriage, punishment, and manual labour in extreme conditions. The lack of child protection and an institutional structure is clear in the Afghanistan system. As such, almost 33,000 children have been killed and maimed in Afghanistan over the past 20 years. This number does not include children who have died due to hunger, poverty, and disease during that period, based on a report released by Save the Children on 31 August 2021.


As per the UNICEF report, in 2022: 

  • 1 million children will need treatment for acute malnutrition
  • 1 million people will need assistance to access safe drinking water
  • 1 million people will require health assistance and
  • 7.9 million children will need support to access learning and education


covers all the expenses of a child for 1 month

Sponsor a Child and Save a Life

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How to sponsor an orphan in Afghanistan?

Hayat Orphanage has been directly supporting orphan children across Afghanistan since 2013. Despite all the difficulties in the political and economic situations, we are still operating. It was not possible without all your support and cooperation in paying your Zakat, Sadaqat and Qurbani. We work day and night to provide quality education to the orphans, accommodation, food, medical help, and to keep them and their families safe.

To know more about our services, please read Hayat Orphanage Mission.

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