Hayat Orphanage is home to over 100 Afghan orphans.

Our primary goal is to provide them with mainstream education and protect them from street harassment. We have admitted them to the local private schools and after school hours they receive tuition in Math, English, and Computer skills within the orphanage. They also have a fun-filled schedule of playing cricket and football, reading time, and academic trips.

Unfortunately, we have nearly 1.6M orphan children in Afghanistan and as a result of the high demand for their education and shelter, we expanded our services and now we support over 2000 orphans across the country.

At Hayat Orphanage, we have developed good talents and we are optimistic that by providing them with support and opportunity they can climb to success in their lives.

Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to raise at least $15,000 specifically to cover the expense of the orphanage and expand our services to support more orphans. So, give today and help us protect them from street harassment and provide them with quality education. A contribution of any amount can have a big impact.

You can also gift your old clothes, used mobile phones, laptops, computers, and any electronic device. Just contact us at +44 7947 592212 and our colleague will receive your goods from your doorstep.

Video from inside the orphanage.

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