Thanks for transforming Enayatullah’s Life!

Once upon a time, there was a young orphan named Enayatullah. He lived a happy life in a small village in Nuristan Province in the eastern part of Afghanistan with his family. His parents and 7 brothers died in a U.S. Airstrike on 26/02/2011 at their home in Ghaziabad village of DoAab District in Nuristan Province when he was just 2 years old. Miraculously, he remained alive from that catastrophic bombardment along with his 3 elder sisters, leaving them shattered and traumatic without any shelter and support.

After four years of struggling to survive without parents and a breadwinner, Enayatullah’s elder sister eventually got married and the rest of the sisters and Enayatullah had no choice but to live with their married sister. However, as time went by it proved too difficult to maintain the orphans and his own family. Enayatullah was 6 years old when one day, fortunately, Hayat Orphanage’s hard-working team was approached, with your hard-earned donations, he was admitted to the orphanage on 26/04/2015.

At Hayat Orphanage, he was given full care, food, cloth, shelter, and quality education. He was admitted to a private school in 1st grade and now he is studying in the 9th grade.

afghan orphan going to school from hayat orphanage

Enayatullah is well flourishing in his studies and has learned and memorized 3 chapters of the Holy Quran and 40 Ahadith. After school hours, he learns from the in-house tutors’ computer programs such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop. He also attends English classes taught online by our amazing volunteer UK-based tutors.

afghan orphan learning computer lessons in hayat orphanage

Apart from his Pashto language skill, his English learning skill has improved, and is now learning the level two book of the English language. As he grows older, Enayatullah’s love for learning continues to grow. He wants to become an engineer and is working hard to achieve it.

Unfortunately, there are many stories and orphans like him in Afghanistan that have dreams and ambitions but have no hope for the future. Let us join hands together and fulfill a small portion of their hopes by providing them with the fundamentals of their lives which is a proper education.

Donate now and help us in this noble journey.