Afghanistan's Orphans Need You

Can You Imagine How Frightening It Feels To Be An Orphan In Afghanistan?

Click here to help an orphan child with a donation- Thank you so very much for your kindness.

Every Child Deserves Better:

War-torn Afghanistan has suffered terribly for many years. The strife has left countless children alone, struggling to cope, with no support from family and in serious need of our help.

What We Do At Hayat Orphanage:

Hayat Orphanage provides mainstream education, medical care, food, clothing and love to Afghanistan's orphans. Together with our brilliant donors, we make young lives better.

Creating A Better Future

Solid ethics support tolerance, justice, fairness, and humanity. We protect vulnerable orphan children from extremism and exploitation.

A Safe Environment

The safe environment we provide lets children learn and grow. They enjoy the security of good food and healthcare, respect, affection, support and consideration

Making Children Happy

Because we tackle poverty by empowering orphan children in so many ways, they learn how to sustain themselves and their families in the long term.​

Every Child Deserves Better:

Together we move mountains. Thanks to generous donations by people like you, orphan children in Afghanistan have the chance for a better, richer life free from abuse, poverty, extremism and exploitation.

Donate and Feel Great!

It feels great to donate. And it feels great to be cared for when you're alone, scared, hungry and lonely. Can you help make a child's life happier? Click here to donate to our orphanage. Every single penny counts, and no amount is too small. Thank you so very much.

afghan children eating food