What We Do

What We Do

Afghan orphan children are provided with an oasis of hope by Hayat Orphanage. The Orphanage was established in March 2013 and is located in the center of Laghman Province, Afghanistan.


However, at Hayat Orphanage, we provide humanitarian assistance for over 100 afghan orphan children, 30 of whom are residential and the remaining 70 are supported in their respected homes. Kids are admitted to the local private school and receive tuition in maths, English and computer skills as after-school programs. They have a fun-filled schedule incorporating playing Cricket, Football, reading time and academic trips. State schools are a disgrace and standard unimaginably low, teacher no show is rampant.


Enroll children into private school and pay their fees

Pay for their healthcare needs

Pay financial allowance of £40 to those orphans who live with their families to support their single mothers and/or orphan siblings

Buy them books, pens and other stationery

Pay for their food, clothing, shoes, etc

Are working to extend our services in Pakistan and aim to support orphan girls as they are the most disadvantaged class of society.

Contribute on our charity work by your donation. Thank you for your support.