Education Is The Right of Every Child.


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Education in Afghanistan

Decades of war and political crisis have affected many sectors in Afghanistan, including the education sector. Education is the fundamental right of every human being. As the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave,” and “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.” Based on the two Hadith, any person, irrespective of age, gender, and belief, has the right to learn. Education is the only tool for humanity to live a life of prosperity. But conflicts in the country have deprived children from education for years. According to a UNICEF report, “An estimated 3.7 million children are out-of-school in Afghanistan – 60% of children are girls.


Insecurity, lack of female teachers, shortage of schools, insufficient transportation, and many other factors have led girls to stay at home and fewer children to attend school. Children who have lost their fathers and became orphans are now the only breadwinner of their families. Most of them sought shelter with orphanages operating in Afghanistan because it is difficult to sustain in the country where the unemployment rate is at its peak.

The quality of education in Afghanistan is also poor. As per the UNICEF report, 48% of the teachers have minimum academic qualifications (equivalent to an Associate Degree). According to the UNOPS report, “55% of adult males in Afghanistan can read and write – that number drops to 30% for adult women.” The education sector witnessed a significant improvement in the past two decades while the problems and gaps in the services remained untouched.

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Help the children in Afghanistan

At Hayat Orphanage, we follow our Holy Prophet’s footsteps that everyone should seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. It is the right of every child to have access to education. Since 2013, Hayat Orphanage has been a shelter for many orphans across Afghanistan. Apart from our other services, we provide orphans with quality education in private schools. They also receive tuition in Maths, English, and Computer subjects after-school hours. This way, we make them capable of earning their own and providing a livelihood to their families when they grow up. Our UK-based volunteers are also preparing English language learning videos and sending them to the orphans to watch and learn. We also provide the orphan children with laptops, English books, stationery, and school uniforms. Hayat Orphanage currently supports 100+ orphans within the orphanage and many more in their addresses across the country. You can also sponsor an orphan in Afghanistan and help build their future. Continue your cooperation and help us with your donations, Zakat, Sadaqat, and Qurbani. Children are the future of a country, so let us build the future of Afghanistan.

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