Afghan Online School Education Project

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Sabar Afghan Online School aims to provide education to Afghan children using visual methodology delivered through YouTube. Our objective is to spread education to as many children as possible.

Due to the last 20 years of constant conflict and corrupt policies, a generation of people has grown ignorant. Bad governance and insurgency deprived millions of Afghan children of much-needed education, literacy, and numeracy skills.

We have embarked on this incredible mission to teach the Afghan school curriculum from class 1 to class 12 and have explained each class’s subjects page by page. The videos are effectively organised by class number in Playlists on YouTube and accessible free to every Afghan without any restriction.

We cannot close our eyes to the negativity of girls; education exists in some parts of Afghan society. We acknowledge its existence and aim to counter that with awareness and incentives. Our project prioritizes girls’ schooling and facilitates their education by giving free books, pens, electronic devices, etc. so that more girls receive education and the stigma towards female education and work is broken.

It’s also notable that the current administration has banned girls’ education past grade 6. Sabar Afghan Online School has not forgotten this group of students and we have accelerated our teaching program to ensure girls can continue their education from home until and if schools get opened.

sabar afghan online school

What spurred this project?

The problem in Afghanistan is that:
1. There are not enough primary and secondary schools, and a vast majority of children have no access to education due to the lack of schools in their areas.
2. Schools are poorly funded and resourced and therefore teachers are unqualified resulting in substandard education for students.
3. Majority of the people are too poor to send their children to cities and pay exorbitant school fees and lodging.

The project is funded by one Afghan living in the UK and the budget has dried up.

With your donation, we will 

1. Upgrading teaching methodology, using higher models of camera and better animation.
2. Employ better qualified and experienced teachers.
3. Develop apps for Apple and Android devices.
4. Continue the program by extending the core subjects of Math and Science.
5. Deliver the program in more languages.

We are fully committed to the education of Afghan children and with your support, we can deliver a much more advanced and effective teaching program.

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